Spice and Wolf II – 08

Lawrence gathers information about the situation in town.


Well you just know Lawrence is getting into a dangerous situation here. This situation has a bad feeling around it. Though it seems that the 50 man meeting will go on for some time so I’m curious just how Lawrence will manage to get in trouble. Of course if he keeps chatting along with the girls he might just find a way, haha.

Honestly the female figures in this episode really took the stage including Horo. It was her ears that picked up the stress that city is dealing with. Amazing that the Northern expedition has caused issues everywhere. Lawrence has first hand experience with this issue. The Northern expedition being canceled resulted in Lawrence being stuck with that worthless armour in the first season.

The other two interesting figures were the barmaid and the merchant Abe. I have to say Lawrence has gotten quite good with conversations after spending all this time with Horo. He kept up with her the whole time and only faltered when she leaned in dangerously. Still Lawrence got some interesting information from her and I suspect they will meet again. Abe on the other hand worries me a little bit. A merchant regardless of gender can be tough to deal with. We all know how things with Chloe turned out. I’d keep an eye on her for now and see if she is part of whatever trouble Lawrence gets himself into.

Really this just set up for whatever troubles are coming. It’s hard to say what is going to happen though. At least we got a touching Lawrence and Horo moment before the conversation with Abe. There is probably some guilt that Horo is holding Lawrence back from opening a shop like he dreamed of. Of course spending time with Horo is more important to Lawrence right now.

Anyways can’t wait for the next one.

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