Suzumiya Haruhi II – 11 (2009 – 21)

Haruhi forces Mikuru to wear her movie costumes out in public as they begin shooting.


Although this episode arc still hasn’t done anything too drastic, no Haruhi absolutely flipping out or even apparently using any of her powers to affect things, I’m still finding it fun to watch. I was kind of expecting they would have some more serious moments left with the few episodes remaining, having Haruhi’s powers actually affect something. Generally it seems like some of the bigger moments have something to do with her but so far, although fun, the process of making the movie seems to have very little to do with Haruhi having these abilities or this influence and much more about her simply being kind of wild and not taking “no” for an answer. I really hope they have something like that in the remaining episodes. Even if it doesn’t necessarily involve the arc of making the movie, if it’s one or two episodes after that, I still think it would be good.

Now, as I said, even though this episode arc doesn’t have any serious things going on, it’s still very fun to watch. I just loved Mikuru’s reaction to having to wear the costumes and the fact that Haruhi didn’t see any reason why she shouldn’t go out in public like that. I feel so sorry for Mikuru sometimes, but it’s very fun to watch when that feeling appears. What I’m hoping above all else for this story arc now, not necessarily Haruhi’s powers affecting something, but simply us seeing enough new things. It would be different if we didn’t see how this movie turned out or something, but we do so for these episodes to really matter it needs to show us some of the behind the scenes stuff that we don’t know about.

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  1. in the 12th episode of the First season didn’t happen so much too…I Think it’s part of the Haruhi Universe…i always remember when Oshii in a BBC interview said that the scenes he most enjoy on his movies are “That scenes where anything happens”. He also says (and i think it’s the truth) that those scenes are the most difficults to make interesting to the audience…

    An episode where nothing happens…just normal life…it’s a challenge for the animation…and make it funny or interesting..even more…But you know, i always say in the forums or blogs i write: When you got a really good Story…you have the 50% of all achieved.

    Haruhi has a really damn good story…

    And also they are telling it too well… That’s why episodes like this Function so well in this saga…at least i think so…

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