Suzumiya Haruhi II – 10 (2009 – 20)

Haruhi comes up with the idea to put on a movie for the upcoming School Festival.


I think this episode could have really been just about anything and I would have still really liked it, mainly as long as it wasn’t the same exact damn episode I’ve already seen half a dozen times. However even without taking that into consideration I still thought the episode was pretty good.

I’m curious as to what, if any problems or drama they are going to run into in their preparation for the movie. I mean, we obviously know they pull it off, seeing as how the episode was the first one aired in the original season, but they never really showed much about the events leading to it. Obviously this is what this episode was about, and what the next ones to come are going to be about but whether or not it’s just light hearted fun of them forcing Mikuru to do these weird thing or if something more interesting and exciting happens is still unknown. I would have, eight episodes ago, said I’d be fine with this season having some episodes where nothing huge happens and it’s just fun, but after the whole fiasco of the arc that shall not be named I’m hoping they put a bit more into the few episodes they have left.

2 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi II – 10 (2009 – 20)”

  1. I didn’t have the chance to look this new episodes, but…

    or i need a new par of lenses or this characters are a little bit different compared with the First “Season”? (if you wish to call it that way…)

  2. I think the slight differences are probably just due to a large amount of time passing between when they made them, plus a new director working on the project.

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