Aoi Hana – 07

Fumi visits Sugimoto’s house.


I have to say I was a bit shocked when Sugimoto came out to her sisters and mother. I wasn’t expecting that at all, it’s pretty damn big. I kind of feel sorry for Fumi in that case because Sugimoto just revealed something about herself that was private to other people without asking. It was interesting to hear Kuri’s repose to her though. She seemed to know that Yasuko loved her teacher and seemed skeptical at the news, not that she was shocked or disgusted, but as if she didn’t believe her, probably due to her knowing about her feelings for the teacher. It does kind of bring up what I’ve said in the past, how Yasuko is just using Fumi to get over the teacher.

The “breakup” at the end was interesting. I saw something like that coming for a while, but I’m skeptical if it will really happen now or how long it will last. If it does last, this whole event could e what makes Fumi go to Acchan and realize her feelings. I’m still surprised at how they are proceeding with this show. I still really like it, but it’s focused entirely on Fumi and I figured they would kind of focus on the two of them. This breakup though could be what finally changes or shifts that.

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