Megami Vol. 112 – 10 Year Anniversery Edition – Nanoha Overload

I don’t do a post on every Megami I get, as I have a subscription and some are just alright, but I figured I had to post something on this newest one, as it’s the 10 year anniversary edition. This is issue 112, and if you have any bit of intelligence you can figure that with one magazine released every month, and 12 months in a year, tada, 112 would mark 10 years…(That was me being sarcastic, although the magazine says 10th anniversary, the math doesn’t make sense that way…)

This issue had quite a few goodies in it. It seemed to heavily focus on Nanoha, which I love. The excuse of course being the new movie coming out. I doubt they would have focused on Nanoha if it hadn’t, as it’s not like anything new besides the movie and game have happened in a while. Asides from the cover there is a big poster, both sides being Nanoha. There is a Drama CD and CD jacket, both Nanoha of course. A small removable manga, not just the one that is bound in, about Nanoha of course. And finally a Weis Swartz whatever card for the Nanoha movie.

As I said there is some coverage on the movie and the new PSP game, both which are coming out soon. I have to say I had kind of forgotten about the movie until this recharged my memory, and it does look like it will be interesting. The game, I actually had no knowledge about until this so it was quite a shock and joy to learn about it. I WILL be playing this game, despite region and language barriers.

The posters were pretty good, the ones featured in the pictures aren’t all of them of course, just some of the better ones or at least the ones of series I’m more familiar with.

Anyways, here are all the pictures:

The poster:

The mini manga:

The pull-outs and articles:

3 thoughts on “Megami Vol. 112 – 10 Year Anniversery Edition – Nanoha Overload”

  1. 12 months a year X 10 years = 120 to me…

    Nice Nanoha coverage including movie Holo poster Yami to boushi poster = approved Megami in my books

  2. I know, I said it as a joke, guess it didn’t come off that way – its saying the issue is a 10th anniversary, but the math doesn’t make sense that way…

  3. Probably Megami started as a bimonthly publication, then at some point it became monthly. Wikipedia states that the first issue was indeed published in July 1999 but offers no further detail.

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