Hayate no Gotoku II – Meido Isumi Greatness

This latest episode of Hayate was most obviously one of the best episodes ever made! As I’ve mentioned several times in the past I’m a HUGE fan of Isumi and when they show an episode like this, it’s just absolute pure win. The episode was awesome enough when it was just Isumi in a long skirted maid outfit, but when she put on the short skirt and was doing all those maid poses like very cutely sticking out her tongue after tasting something hot, it was just beyond words. It was awesome. I still say they need a damn Isumi dakimakura or something; Hina has three for god’s sake, ISUMI NEEDS ONE! Anyways, there have been great Isumi episodes in the past, and this, seeing Isumi in a short skirted maid uniform and learning how to act as a maid ranks up there in pure awesomeness.

Aside from the fact this episode had Isumi in a maid outfit and so on I thought the joke of this episode, the way it concluded, was hilarious. Going though all of that work for him to just say it was an April Fool’s joke was great. Plus they included Haru in this episode which could tie her into the rest of the series more. She’s never really been present at all until this episode, so perhaps this will be an indicator of her having more of a

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