Spice and Wolf II – 06

Lawrence waits for Deanna’s messenger and finally gets to talk with Horo.


I loved the conclusion to this arc even though it was pretty tense for a while. Lawrence was really under pressure with his future with Horo being put in jeopardy. If he made the wrong move then it would all be over for him. He had to make the market crash or all his planning and desperate efforts would be a waste of time. At least he made a good move to sell some early to put the idea into people’s heads that it might be time to start selling off. Plus it shocked Amati which made it worth it. True Amati may not be a really bad guy, but I’m so in Lawrence’s corner that I can’t feel much sympathy for him.

When he couldn’t get the pyrite from Deanna it was a painful piece of information for Lawrence. He was counting on getting that large amount of pyrite so he could finally make the market crash. That Lanto kid along with Mark were the heroes of this arc. That kid got Lawrence to snap out of his depression and fight to the very end. There was the 250 coins worth that Lanto had brought which along with a little luck could have helped bring the market down. That was quite the passionate confession about Horo that Lanto made. It seems that girl has been making guys fall for her all over the place. It was a huge relief when Horo also put down her pyrite and helped make the market crash. I really did laugh a little when Lawrence made that comment about Deanna and got the familiar punch to the side.

It was interesting to finally see what Horo was thinking through all this and how some actions were misunderstood. Honestly I thought that “I’m sorry” earlier in the arc did mean she couldn’t talk with him anymore right then. Instead it was closer to just being sorry for blowing up like that at him and losing her head. Horo is a pretty smart wolf and doesn’t flip out for too much time before calming down again. That marriage certificate was also misunderstood by me and Lawrence. Instead of it being a challenge to him it was simply an attempt to get Lawrence to run up the stairs in rage and argue with her. She was trying to repeat the message from before of just clearing things out by arguing. Instead it was a shock to Lawrence and he felt it was necessary to best Amati to prove things.

Of course this drastic course of action wasn’t all that bad. Lawrence got the chance to figure out how he felt about Horo. By running around and talking to Mark he realized how much he had changed and how necessary Horo was to his life. Even Horo got an interesting realization when listening to Lawrence talk to Deanna and how important he put her continuing to travel with him. Her being there did open up quite the fun realization that she heard the question Laawrence asked to Deanna. I’m sure he wasn’t planning on Horo hearing about him asking if gods and humans ever mated. It’s definitely becoming clear to both how they feel and it will probably get to that kind of intimate level eventually.

I don’t feel that bad for how Amati ended up. He wasn’t really hurt financially and perhaps learned a lesson about jumping into things like that. Besides he now knows about buying on credit and my be a better merchant down the road for this. Hopefully he’ll see how having friends and connections helped Lawrence win this. No pity from Horo since he said something she couldn’t forgive. It was probably a shot at Lawrence and she took great offence to it. Either way hopefully she will be careful about letting people think they have a chance with her. They should probably go with the married couple story in the future since this debt relationship caused problems.

Deanna was quite the interesting figure for this arc. I never would have guessed she wasn’t human although it makes sense. She does have that greater than a normal human feeling like Horo has. Plus all those feathers had to come from somewhere and I doubt any of the birds in that area had such pure white feathers. Maybe Deanna is some kind of giant dove or owl? I feel for her own story since a being that isn’t human falling for a priest that would reject her existence would be tough. Eventually she probably had to leave him well before his life was at an end. Lucky for Horo she has someone that accepts her for who she is and wouldn’t consider abandoning her because of it.

Anyways although the middle portion of this arc had a lack of Horo and Lawrence interactions it was still good. Lawrence got to bounce back from his near disaster last arc to make a good profit here. Plus he understood his feelings better and confirmed his desire to travel with Horo. I’m sure they will continue to have more problems, but they should capable of enduring them.

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