A Third Official Cospa Hinagiku Dakimakura Coming Out

I was very surprised to see this online, at several places that carry anime goods. This is the third, official Cospa dakimakura of Hinagiku. She is far more popular then I had imagined. I mean, there is of course a Nagi and Maria dakimakura, then a Hina one to match them, with the same kind of attire, but then there are two more Hina pillows, one with a slightly open Kendo uniform and the other in a very scantily clad maid outfit. I thought that would be enough, I mean that’s two covers she is getting when the others only have one, and some characters still don’t have any….like Isumi….But then, I run across this fairly new one. And this isn’t even one of the many fan made copies you may find out there with dozens of different pictures, its an official Cospa release.

How many pillow covers will Hina get!? The sad thing is since I have one of them, and kind of want the other; I’ll probably end up buying all of them…damn Hina’s charm. Imagine though, sleeping with three Hinas…..

Anyways, what’s kind of interesting about this newest one is it seems to come in two variations, a normal one and a “smooth” one, for 1000yen more. I’m not sure what the difference is, as there are no details as to what smooth means exactly, I assume it’s simply the material. I’m not sure which one I would want to get. Although it seems smooth would be best, on the other hand I have at least 3 Hayate no Gotoku dakimakuras, and I’m guessing they would be considered normal, so I either go with normal and keep her like the others, to match, or get smooth and differentiate her.

Either way, this was a surprise seeing a third one coming out, but very enticing. What are your thoughts? Will you get her, and if so “Smooth” or “Regular”?

3 thoughts on “A Third Official Cospa Hinagiku Dakimakura Coming Out”

  1. Well I’m not all that surprised by Hina getting so many. I mean she’s definitely my favourite character from that show. Though I do like Isumi. Have to say that’s a pretty nice one for Hina.

    Don’t have any of these as of now. Maybe I should get this one since it does look great. Blushing Hinagiku is a win no matter how you look at it.

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