Tears to Tiara – 18

Arthur stands up against Gaius in the final battle to defend Avalon.


Disclaimer: I don’t feel like pretending I don’t know what is going to happen, and writing a section without spoilers and then one with them, as I’ve played the game. This post will contain massive spoilers to the whole plot. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t read on. I won’t spoil anything simply for the sake of spoiling it, no needless spoilers, but they will be there. Final warning.

I thought this episode was pretty good. Although I do have to say that I didn’t like the way they betrayed Gaius near the end. IN the game you sympathized with him, and felt kind of sorry he died, despite being part of the emptier. You didn’t get the feeling he was this war hungry person who wanted to slaughter everyone. It came across more like he was forced to do this, and that he wanted to overthrow the empire more. Here, it just seemed like he wanted power. They had a little of that in the anime though, he did mention how he wanted Arthur to make the place a more free world but it just seemed I emphasized with Gaius and kind of felt sorry for him more in the game.

I have to say I was VERY pissed off about the ending they showed of the angel in the senate chamber. In the game it was a mystery until the very end that he was responsible for pulling the strings behind the empire. You thought that the emperor was in charge all along until this giant climb and struggle to his throne room where it’s just a skeleton sitting in the chair. There was this mystery and theatrics to it all, but now he just casually mentions the emperor is dead and he was having fun ruling everyone. It took away a huge part of what made the game interesting. That is a pretty damn big change that I didn’t like at all. I mean, it’s not just that someone other then the emperor was in charge, but the fact it was an angel, and the angle that killed Arthur’s father. That was all part of this mystery and such that they all just instantly threw away for nothing.

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