Aoi Hana – 06

The senior grade puts on their play, Wuthering Heights.


This episode was alright, but for the most part it didn’t seem that eventful. I figured there would be more drama behind the scenes of the play and such. Usually an event like a play would mean more drama or events happening to the characters but it seemed like the play went on fine and there weren’t too many problems. The only bit of advancement plot and character wise seemed to be that Sugimoto was crying when the teacher came in, and Fumi and Sugimoto began to have a talk but it didn’t really lead anywhere. For the most part it seems obvious how the feelings of everyone are; they just aren’t doing much with them right now. Sugimoto likes the teacher it seems, but he may not feel that way towards her. She is with Fumi to kind of just be with someone, Fumi likes Sugimoto but also likes Acchan more then she realizes. Kyoko likes Sugimoto, and Acchan is just kind of there.

I’m still surprised that so far they’ve done very little involving Acchan. It’s mostly been Fumi and her relationship with Sugimoto. They haven’t even shown she has any interest in anyone really, let alone that she might be leaning towards Fumi. She’s only shown her liking Fumi as a friend. Even with Fumi there have been small hints about how she feels strongly for Acchan, like how she’s a special person to her. Still, it seems Acchan is being left out of things until the whole Fumi and Sugimoto thing comes to an end.

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