Saki – The End Of The First Tournament

This tournament has just been absolutely incredible. I’ve been on the edge of my seat almost the whole time, even without knowing anything about Mahjong. Saki would draw a tile and I would get more excited, then some hand that I had no idea what it was would come together, even more excitement, then BOOM she would get all these points with some complicated thing I knew nothing about, but I would still just want to cheer with the characters. I think that just shows how involved this show has seemed to make me and how much it has dragged me in. Even without knowing the game I care about whether or not these characters win, and when complicated hands come together that would mean a great deal to the characters, I get excited. It’s been a while since any show has made me just cheer along the way. I just wanted so much for Saki to kick Koromo’s ass. I would be chanting in my head, “Come on Saki, come on damn it, you can do it!” It really has been very exciting and entertaining to watch.

I am a bit curious and concerned with what they are going to do with the rest of the series now. Obviously there isn’t enough room for the national tournament unless this show gets another season. Plus there are still plenty of things that need to happen before the tournament like another training camp, more information on Saki and her sister, not to mention plenty of time for the tournament and then for her sister issues to be solved. I really do hope this gets another season, as I haven’t been this excited about a show in a long time, and I’m sure the national tournament and issues with Saki’s sister and some giant big sibling Mahjong game would be entertaining to see.

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  1. It would be great if this show were to get a second season. However, the current episode actually went past where the manga is currently at so it remains to be seen as how the next 7 episodes will go and how a second season would present another training camp and the national tournament. Especially considering that the manga chapters are coming out every 2-3 weeks.
    Well, going by the preview, it appears that we’re looking at a filler episode with some plot elements mixed in. And as the episode is titled “Sisters” we may at least get to see something involving Saki’s sister.

  2. After the match ended they mentioned an “Individuals” tournament, ie not in the team format and based on some preview spoilers that is most likely the direction they will take (after the apparently obligatory swimsuit episode next). At this point the show is out of manga material, so it really can’t proceed onto the national tournament right now and this individual tournament seems like nice piece of filler for them.

  3. This series got me enough interested in Mahjong to learn the game. Took me a half a week or so, but I got the rules down now–still learning to read the tiles without arabic characters to help out, but I’m (slowly) getting it.
    There’s all kinds of ways of playing the game–it seems that every country in the world has their own take on the rules. For Saki, you can call it Japanese Modern, with all of the luck-based rules in play.
    Saki and Koromo are beyond lucky–they have an intuitive understanding of the hand they need to win, in their own ways.
    Koromos’ signature win is by going out (tsumo, when you draw the tile yourself) on the last tile of the Wall, called Bottom of the Sea (Haitei).
    Saki’s is by going out on drawing a supplement tile from the Dead Wall (only done after declaring Kan (group of four), called Opening a Flower on the Top of the Mountain (rinchan kaihou).
    Off of the top of my head, that’s 1/34 chance of that happening a hand, and, at least for Saki herself, getting a kan without claiming a discard is something like 1/13. So yeah, Saki can regularly win in a way that comes up about as often as a royal flush in poker. Note that not all of her Rinchan Kaihou wins are huge, she has a few during the last match that are chump change. She’s loved by the tiles indeed.

  4. Just finished watching the whole serie, and gotta admit I’m kinda pissed at how it stops, and there are no signs of it going on somehow.
    Still, it’s been crazy fun how I was all like “OMG she did another Tsumo after a Kan” when I don’t even know what those words mean! I was all excited with those weird combination of names and numbers, concealed all simple, three dora, WOOOOOOOOO
    It might even have been a bad hand and I would have been all fired up lol
    Nice anime, too bad there is no 2nd season.

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