Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 12

Ed and Al finally meet up with their teacher and remember the difficult training.


Well it was pretty interesting to see Ed’s teacher once again. That woman is pretty extreme even though her body is badly damaged. It’s sad that student and teacher both made a critical error and had to pay a price for it. Though I think you’d say Ed got off easy compared to Al and his teacher. Living with internal organs missing must be extremely difficult and she can only do so much. I can’t really say that performing alchemy without the circle is all that great compensation for their losses.

But that was a pretty crazy test to put them through. Living on that island and having to come up with the answer at the same time. Had to be a pretty big shock to those kids even if they had left home under their own power. Having to kill in order to eat isn’t so easy for everyone. Luckily Ed had a breakthrough or they might have starved to death simply because they didn’t have the will to kill. Ed was probably right that everything is connected in a way. The plants, animals, people, everything is linked in some way. I suppose it was a good lesson about alchemy, but honestly it seemed a bit too dangerous.

Anyways the presence of Ed and Al’s father really brought more seriousness to things. Ed really does hate the man with a passion. I have to wonder what sort of wish that person has. Could it have something to do with using the philosophers’ stone to perform a successful human transmutation? Of course that wouldn’t explain why he left in the first place. I’m sure the meeting with him will involve some sort of violence.

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