Suzumiya Haruhi II – 09 (2009 – 19)

Kyon goes through the same damn…….wait….IT FINALLY CHANGES!


FINALLY. Oh Dear GOD, FINALLY! It is a sad and pathetic feeling to be just overjoyed and relieved when something like Kyon finally saying something happens. I mean, wow. When Kyon got up, like he usually did and bitched about this feeling having happened again I was waiting with baited breath if he would finally do something. When he shouted out that he hadn’t finished his list, it was just amazing. Sad, but amazing. A show shouldn’t ever have that kind of situation where a viewer is relieved when the show doesn’t do the same thing it’s done almost a dozen times. I was just so glad and so relieved it was finally over…

I’m not going to say this much, because obviously others feel the same way and it’s just so pathetic of a great series like this to fall down like that. This whole arc was pathetic. It was nowhere near worth it to have this many episodes only to amount to something so trivial and just unimportant. I mean my god. It wouldn’t have even been worth it for this whole thing to have been four episodes. At least they could have shown something different in each episode, even if it still repeated. I mean, they could have still had the fact that things were repeating but have one episode show a couple more minutes of some activity, and then the next have another activity be shown and elaborate. It still would have been preferred to have none of this e an issue, and not repeat the thing so many times and take so many episodes up; still, it would have made it more tolerable if they varied it. SO MANY EPISODES WASTED! They just sure as hell better do better with the five episodes they have left.

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