Bakemonogatari – Lost Snail Arc

I thought this arc was very interesting, and this show continues to just astonish me with how weird and unique it is. However it’s not weird and unique in a silly way, it seems to be touching on some things that are quite serious and in depth, which just makes it all the more intriguing. The actual arc itself I thought was interesting. At first it seemed kind of odd. I wasn’t sure what to think of it and it was, like the rest of the show, very confusing. However I thought hat at the end, when they revealed what was going on it was interesting to look back and recall times that Senjougahara might not have seen her, and make the connections that people who didn’t want to go home were who encountered her. I thought it was an interesting dilemma, how it would have been solved simply by leaving Mayoi alone, yet not being able to do that based on the guy’s character. It was also interesting to see that Mayoi being a little bitch was for, more or less, a good reason. She didn’t want people around her because she didn’t want to cause them suffering. All in all I thought it was a good story and sympathetic towards things like where you belong, wanting to go home, and of course the always rather sad fact that Mayoi was a ghost.

I’m interested to see how/if the fact that Senjougahara “confessed” will change much. Although I was skeptical when she first said it, the fact they followed up on it seemed to indicate that she was indeed serious. Whether or not the two of them are going to enter into any relationship or if the fact that their feelings, or at least Senjo’s have been revealed will change anything between the two of them is something I’m looking forward to seeing and finding out.

4 thoughts on “Bakemonogatari – Lost Snail Arc”

  1. I definitely enjoyed this arc especially the last episode of it. It was somewhat a surprise to have Senjougahara confess like that, but she really explained it well so Araragi wouldn’t have the wrong idea about it. I guess using the idea that she owed him something wasn’t working so she just went right for the direct approach. Curious to see their relationship develop since it’s a bit unusual from my memory to have a couple come together so quickly after I thought “wow it’d be nice if they finished the series with these two together.”

    It was a nice way to flesh out Senjougahara with her ‘weight’ back. Still a pretty amazing person in a conversation though apparently she still carries staplers around….You also got to see how the past still affected her. She believed she was the one strange to not see Mayoi and so pretended she could.

    Anyways Araragi really is a guy who can’t leave people in trouble alone. Even though Mayoi was dead he still wanted to get her home. He really is a guy who will try to save anyone.

    Just a great show so far.

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