Hayate no Gotoku II – The Magical Onsen Trip Arc

I thought this arc was quite good; it had a lot going on in it. First off it was just funny to see Maria and Nagi try and function in normal society like getting on a train. But there were some other good parts too. They had some Isumi screen time, which is always good, plus they continued with Hina’s feelings towards Hayate, Ayumu as well and the friendship between Ayumu and Hina. Then they threw in some new stuff about Nagi’s mother. It seemed like this arc just contained a lot of stuff and I’m glad to see they haven’t run out of interesting content in the second season. I was afraid there would be too many episodic kind of episodes where something isolated and crazy would happen, then get fixed. It seems like they have some actual important issues and topics they’ve brought up so far.

I did find it quite interesting when Isumi talked about how Nagi doesn’t believe in resurrection or being able to talk and bring back the dead, unlike some people. They then showed Nagi’s grandfather looking at a large picture of Nagi’s mother, so obviously it’s her mother on her grandfather’s side… Anyways, it opens up for something rather interesting. I’m curious as to whether or not her grandfather is still going to try something, like with that pendent he used on Hayate. Also, I’m quite confused and intrigued about Nagi’s….power. Isumi showed that picture Nagi drew of a spaceship. Now, did that come into being BECAUSE she drew it? I mean, the story the alien had was how every 100 years or so they came by, obviously Nagi couldn’t have seen it, and then drew it. It makes you wonder what kind of passive abilities Nagi might have as well…

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  1. I got the impression the alien was not Nagi’s power but Nagi’s mother’s power. Nagi said something to Hayate at the end of the episode about not making demands on dead people or “next time she [her mother] might not stop at aliens”. Anyways I loved this arc and episode 17 was one of the best episodes in the series so far.

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