Valkyria Chronicles – A Comrade Falls

Well I just knew this was coming. Of course because I played the game this was not something I was looking forward to. Some things have been changed, but sadly this was one event that stayed the same. I do understand this is a show about war and in war people die, but I can’t believe one of the characters I liked the most had to be the one to go.


My first reaction when seeing that jerk shoot was “why poor Isara!?” I mean Rosie was right there why not shoot her? How the heck does that girl avoid getting killed by 2 snipers in the same episode. This is probably due to me just not liking Rosie that much. The reason for her dying just felt wrong to me in the anime. She gets out of the tank why? They are fighting and he tells her to stay with Rosie? Wouldn’t a medic or just about anyone have been a better choice than your driver? Welkin should be shot for being such a stupid leader.

Anyways it just leaves me feeling like crap. A kind person who really only wanted to help those she cared about getting gunned down after the battle was over. What the hell was that guy doing? There was no way to win the fight, he should be pulling back not killing people who are inactive. The worst thing is that he is just some grunt and after leaving we’ll probably never see him again.

If it wasn’t for Isara the battle on Mulberry Beach would have been a slaughter. The bloody higher ups in the military are a bunch of idiots. They look down on the militia so much and the fact they are getting the job done must really bother them. Those smoke bombs really saved the day. Probably would have made General Damon grin if Squad 7 had been annihilated. I wonder if he’d rather lose the country than let the militia save it?

Anyways this is really just to say farewell to Isara. She gave so much for her friends and brother. Losing someone like her will break the hearts of the entire squad. How the heck do you move forward after losing someone that critical? They would have died on that beach if she hadn’t been around and now they must win without her? It’s just sad to see a bright star lost when the fighting should have been over.

I’ll say the anime doesn’t cover Isara’s death nearly as well as the game did. So if this death didn’t touch you that much at least give the game a try.

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