Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 11

Ed and company arrive in Rush Valley, which results in Winry trying to save a life.


Well you knew that Winry wasn’t going to stick with Ed and Al for too long. Jumping into danger and fighting really isn’t the kind of thing she is suited for. Finding a place she could improve her skills and support her friends was the right thing for Winry. At least being in that place and having some unofficial help from someone very skilled in making automail should make her work better. It’s just too bad that the likely time for her new skills to be used will be when Ed gets himself beaten up and his automail trashed.

This was a good chance to continue developing Winry’s character and her relationship to Ed. We got to see her using some of the knowledge she got from her parents in helping that child to be born. Pretty amazing background she has with an automail making grandmother and parents that were very good doctors. You really hope that girl doesn’t end up losing anything else that she cares about. It probably wasn’t right to just break into Ed’s silver watch like that, but at the same time it offered a chance to have an important conversation. Those guys really don’t say that much to her willingly and she’s right that they don’t cry either. Not a fun role to take over as the one who cries, but it’s one that someone should take. I’m honestly hoping to see more Ed and Winry developments the next time they meet up.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ed and Al meet up with their teacher. Performing human transmutation and how they end up will be an interesting topic to cover. They really might end up dying.

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