Tears to Tiara – 16

Arthur laments over his recent actions and Avalon falls under heavy attack.


Disclaimer: I don’t feel like pretending I don’t know what is going to happen, and writing a section without spoilers and then one with them, as I’ve played the game. This post will contain massive spoilers to the whole plot. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t read on. I won’t spoil anything simply for the sake of spoiling it, no needless spoilers, but they will be there. Final warning.

Finally things are getting interesting. I knew this moment was coming and with a lot of the recent episodes that deviated from the game I was getting worried whether or not they’d show these events to their fullest, and it seems though that they have. Everything from Morgan and Octavia getting into the castle through the guards to Ogam’s talk with Arthur were as they are supposed to be. It was nice to finally see something animated form the game that was following it pretty closely. I was also very much looking forward to Seeing Ogam’s transformation animated. I thought they handled that fight and just the whole castle fight well and I hope they show the conclusion of the castle fight as interesting and exciting as well.

It looks like things will also progress pretty well from now on too. From the preview they do have Arthur go to Taliesin for help and all have the big battle against the empire. Although that’s all the next episode will basically be, beating this army that’s attacking the castle now, I still think it will be rather exciting. Let’s just hope that after all this, after the battle and Arthur’s revelation he kind of had here, they won’t mess up. There’s not a lot of time left for them to fit in all their content and they still need to handle what Taliesin sees in the cave, which can easily take up a whole episode by itself, if not two.

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