Spice and Wolf II – 03

Lawrence and Horo enjoys the festival, but soon face a critical point in their relationship.


Wow this episode was just outstanding to watch. It leaves you on such a major moment and I can’t wait to see the next episode. You just knew that something had to happen to create the conflict for this arc. Sure Amati is interested in Horo, but that alone wouldn’t be a big deal since Horo would of course keep going with Lawrence toward Yoitsu. But now the pair have hit their biggest crisis and there is a time limit for Lawrence to resolve this. If Horo is in this state of mind and Amati can pay off the debts there isn’t a great deal left for Lawrence to use to keep Horo with him. That debt could have been a safety net, but he’s in great danger of losing it.

You just knew things were going to be bad when Lawrence walked into that room and Horo was holding the open letter. I’m guessing she hid her reading ability to surprise him later, but it was definitely the worst kind of surprise for them both. I can only imagine the pain for Horo of finding out her hometown was gone. Combined with a sense of betrayal that Lawrence probably knew about this for some time and didn’t ever tell her. I think his response was honest in that it was such a sensitive subject that he didn’t want to say anything. He knew it would be terribly painful for her and didn’t want to hurt her with the information. But now the truth is out there and not because he told her himself. Horo went from the high of knowing they were closing in on Yoitsu’s location to the low of finding out it’s fate.

The real problem came down to feelings. Lawrence might have had a chance to save the situation if he had a response to Horo’s question of what she meant to him. I don’t think Lawrence had really thought in detail of what Horo was to him. Obviously he enjoys travelling with her and she is important to him, but what is their relationship? Friends, travelling companions, business partners, romantic partners? That stumble just threw Horo off even further. I’m not surprised she considered having a child to fill the emptiness. We already knew loneliness was a major thing for Horo from the last season. A child would certainly fill the emptiness.

Anyways this is definitely the turning point in the arc. Lawrence has to do something or he might lose his travelling companion for good.

4 thoughts on “Spice and Wolf II – 03”

  1. Yes I have been waiting for this episode for a while and it has delivered. The rest of the arc is pretty excellent as well so look forward to that.

  2. I just hope that everything will be resolved right away, and i really really do hope not to see Horo going to Amati asking to mate with him since lawrance wouldn’t..it would really piss me off

  3. I have to agree they really delivered with this episode. I have to give Ami Koshimizu credit for handling Horo perfectly in that final scene.

    Somehow I think it will take a while for everything to be resolved. This should be the crisis of the arc which means a couple more episodes at least. I don’t think Horo will do anything too reckless right away. Even though her state is fragile right now that debt bond should keep anything serious from happening with Amati. Anyways we don’t know how Amati would react to what Horo really is so for her sake I hope she just stays in that room for now.

  4. I raged at the preview for ep 4. I’m pretty sure they won’t kiss but it makes me rage anyway. Great emotional episode btw, some more emotional music would have made the last scene better but it was good nontheless.

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