Bakemonogatari – First Impressions/Crab Arc

I wasn’t originally planning on watching this show this season but I saw a bit of it and it just shocked me and I wanted to see more. I was always a fan of Shaft’s work in the ef series and seeing some of that here was definitely one of the more interesting parts of this show. It’s got the same kind of artistic flare; even more sometimes it seems with the backgrounds constantly being just those long shadows and lines. Although nowhere near the same as normal backdrops, you can still see what those backdrops and what the surroundings are.

As for the story and the characters of this show, the much more interesting part of this show, it’s just beyond words. My first impression of this show was simply, “WTF!” It’s just…odd. The characters are interesting; they aren’t absolute stereotypes or characters you’ve seen a thousand times before. This looks to just be full of more interesting and shocking revelations. So far the characters have already revealed some really deep feelings and emotions and have already expressed troubling and interesting pasts that they can easily talk about throughout the whole series. It is just really a very unique show. Although sometimes I’ll watch a show that is cliché and has a premise and characters that have been done hundreds of times before, just for fun, but this show is different. This show is easily something unique that I think should be watched because of that.

As for this crab arc, I’m not sure what to say. On one hand the arc itself served as an introduction to the characters and the series. It showed the main characters meeting, starting them off rather hostile but in the end, though working together in this arc, they got closer. Now, I don’t think the personalities are going to be completely different even if they are “friends” now. Still, although it served as an introduction it was a story by itself about how these feelings transferred into actual weight. It was obviously a metaphor about the weight or your memories and feelings, and I’m guessing a series like this will just be full of things like that, which I’m just going to be constantly on the lookout for.

2 thoughts on “Bakemonogatari – First Impressions/Crab Arc”

  1. Agreed Bakemonogatari is a very odd show. Shaft and Shinbo have outdone themselves. The show gets a little too weird at time, but Hitagi is undeniably awesome.

  2. Yeah I have to agree that my first impression was WTF. I mean it starts out with the girl stapling the inside of the guys mouth. You know it isn’t the most normal show with that kind of beginning.

    Anyways this show definitely got my attention when I wasn’t sure if I’d care much about it. If the rest of the series is as good as this first arc we should be in for a good run. I’m with TJ that Hitagi is awesome. She knows how to stand out against the norm.

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