Umi Monogatari – First Impressions

I thought these first couple of episodes were great. It’s pretty much as I suspected as far as the Mahou Shoujo aspect goes but there is also an interesting, although not unique, comparison going on between seas life and “sky” life that I think will be interesting to see more of. Having these two cultures, two very different personalities of characters, working together should provide not just for fun entertainment but for some interesting and perhaps serious topics.

I really love Urin. Not because she’s a loli or anything but there is something about her, how she is protective and looking out for her older sister that is fun to see, however at the same time being a crybaby and scared of thing she doesn’t know. I hope they include her a lot, because even if she isn’t one of the two main characters I think her presence will make the show much better.

I chose to do this method of posting rather than the episode by episode because I suspect that there will be several episodes of this without any real plot and just the characters kind of defeating things. Still, I love it. I said before I’m a big Mahou Shoujo fan but I think this way of talking about it will fit the show better.

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