Aoi Hana – 03

Fumi goes out on a date with her senpai.


Wow… I did not expect for things to move so quickly between Fumi and basketball girl. First off it seemed that she had quite a connection with the blonde girl, but then after first meeting they are already going out on a date together and kissing. I’ve no idea where this may be headed, as it obviously can’t be a relationship that lasts if it’s started this early in a series like this. What I’m most surprised about is that they haven’t even really hinted that Akira and Fumi might have feelings for each other. It seemed like Fumi is pretty damn busy being in a very fast moving and seemingly serious relationship, and Akira is kind of mixed up in whatever is going on with the blonde girl and her fiancé. I would think that they would end up together, as they are the main characters of a yuri anime like that, plus several suggestive scenes in the OP, it would be odd for it not too, but they are doing a good job of not making it blatantly obvious.

I’m curious how many of these relationships will actually just someone trying to get over another. It would most certainly not be the first time an anime featured a character hooking up with someone to effectively use them for a substitute of unrequited or lost love. It seems with all the connections here, all the different people liking so and so that several of these instances could easily crop themselves up.

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