Aoi Hana – 02

Fumi struggles with deciding what club to join.


Wow, I wasn’t too positive this show would be that good but after this episode I’m amazed at what’s already been shown and what it could mean for the rest of the series. Although I ten dot always say this I really want this series to be more than just 12-14 episodes. There are already so many relationships and connections, unrequited feelings one way and the other that they simply can’t show all that they’ve just revealed that quickly. I’m just really glad that it seems this show will be a lot more than just two characters getting together, it seems to involve a lot more people and a lot more complicated relationship and feelings then simply two people who like each other from the start and take a whole series to realize it and say it.

As I said above one of the things that impressed me already bout this show was the number of different relationships and connects they seem to be having. You have Fumi who likes Chizu, but also seems to have a thing for the basketball girl. The basketball girl seems to have some kind of connection with the blonde girl who sits next to Acchan, though it seems more like it’s the blonde girl who likes basketball girl rather than the other way around. You have unknown feelings form Chizu towards Fumi. Then with Acchan its unclear of what kind of feelings she had, though it seems there is some kind of connection between her and the girl she sits next to, but again I think it’s the blond girl who likes her, which is odd because she obviously likes basketball girl. Then plenty of more people yet to be introduced or have revealed what they feel.

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