Aoi Hana – 01

Two friends from childhood meet again or the first time in several years as they both start out in new schools.


I think this show has a very good possibility of being interesting and entertaining to watch. There seem to be some complex feelings already form the different characters and they aren’t being overly obvious how it’s going to turn out or how so and so feels about whom, right now it’s just set up as though anything could happen. I am curious as to what degree this will be yuri. It already seems Fumi has feelings for her cousin who is getting married, and her cousin seem kind of weird when it was revealed, however “Acchan” right now hasn’t shown any feelings either way really, but that may change. I just wonder how the two of them will end up together when they seem interested in other people right now.

One of the biggest obstacles it seems, and it will be interesting to see how exactly it’s overcome, will be the big fact that they are at different schools. It’s a lot harder for a romance show, especially set when the characters are at the age of having to go to school; it’s a lot harder for them to progress in or into a relationship when they don’t have constant interactions with each other, which is what they would get at school. Sure they can visit each others’ houses and such but if they went to the same school they would still just have a lot more time together, it would turn out to be more causal and ease into something. Without that amount of time it just seems like it might be odd for them to be able to get closer.

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  1. I love Fumi (because she’s just so cute and vulnerable it makes me cringe), but it’s just too bad she swings that way, heh. Oh and Akira’s bro is a siscon. :3c

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