Suzumiya Haruhi II – 06 (2009 – 16)

AGAIN, Kyon goes through the same damn thing.


Ok, what is this some sick cruel joke played on the fans of Haruhi? What the fuck is this. This is the fifth time we are seeing this stuff, and a sixth to come, and even that is assuming it ends on the next episode. What the fuck. They spent half of the damn episodes of this new season doing what could have been done in two or three. It’s just getting me mad. There’s no reason for this. I have no more to write on this matter. It sure as hell better end on the next episode or I’ll be pissed just for the fact there won’t be very many other episodes. If the series were extended to 16 or 17 episodes and had these, I wouldn’t mind, but this repetition is eating into the time for original episode. Original not meaning they weren’t in the novel, but original as in we haven’t seen them animated a dozen times already…GAH!

Ok, I’m going to be extremely optimistic and hope the next episode ends it. From what I concluded the cause of all this, what Haruhi wants to do may boil down to the following. In the previous episode there were some weird flashes of Kyon in the theatre, seeing Haruhi as the girl talking to a guy on the beach. They showed an airplane flying in the background when they first met, then focused on that plane during the movie scene. Then, they showed it near the end. It could have something to do with Haruhi wanting to go the beach, or some kind of date with Kyon but that seems too out of place. Considering we’ve seen everyone after this all happens timeline wise, there isn’t much of a change in their relationship for something like that to happen. It could have something to do with the plane, like a trip, but that seems to not fit either. It can’t be something that’s just another activity; it has to be kind of outside the box. Before that scene of flashes I thought it maybe had something to do with the homework. They always show Kyon mention something about his homework at the end, and have always shown him asking Haruhi, maybe something along the line of a clichéd anime thing where friends all gather at one house and do it together and such. Whatever… I think it has something to do with the plane more, just because it was shown at the end of last episode in Kyon’s notebook and it appeared several times throughout the episode, like a little clue you have to catch.

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  1. Something tells me it’s not gonna end next episode. I wonder whose idea was this and why. But they have probably angered their own fans and ruined the season.

    I won’t spoil you about what Haruhi wants, but it seriously wasn’t something worth six or seven episodes. The story in the novel was quite short (less than 100 pages). Instead of deciding to animate more material, they’ve gotten stuck in a relatively minor story.

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