Suzumiya Haruhi II – 04 (2009 – 14)

Kyon goes through Haruhi’s two week repetition again.


Ok, we get it. Although I like the concept of this whole arc, I think they are using way too many episodes to do it. This episode was practically identical to the previous one as far as no new information as to what exactly Haruhi wants or how to stop it. Even if I thought it was alright for them to use so many episodes on this arc they should show some variance. Show more of Yuki suffering, show Kyon trying to do more to upset the order of things after learning the truth, or doing something so that Kyon or someone else retains memories, as it may prompt them to try and do more. As it stands not this will continue forever. It’s such a waste, it’s a great show but the episodes are being used for something like this…

The sad thing is I expect that the next episode is going to be 90 percent the exact same thing as this episode was, then the rest they may finally conclude it. I really think this arc would have been better with two episodes, and that’s not even including the “boredom episode” which all in all makes this four episodes about the same thing. I mean, we have one episode showing them doing it for the first time, and then another that shows the exact same thing only adding the explanation and déjà vu feelings. Then, this episode which was the exact same damn episode as last one, then the next one with I sadly suspect will be mostly the same as well. It just seems like, given this episode and the one that concludes this we’ve seen the events transpire four times, three times being told what’s going on. Seems a bit much.

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