Spice and Wolf II – 01

Lawrence and Horo continue their journey toward Yoitsu and stop at a festival in Kumerson.


Spice and Wolf returns with a very good opening episode. It’s probably the bias of just loving this series talking, but really this season starts out reminding me exactly why I loved the first season so much. Now the OP and ED don’t feel quite as good as the first season, but both are still good songs. It’s tough to match something that just really fit the series after all. There was a visual change after switching companies, but I think the look of the characters is still pretty similar.

Really this show just knows how to show its leads interacting. You could just have a whole series of Horo and Lawrence banter and it would turn out just fine. Of course there will be an actual story connected to this arc, but the interactions will be fun to watch. Horo and Lawrence just have a chemistry that comes through when watching the show. You can pick up on the little things like Horo being worried about Lawrences financial situation but hiding it under the food and inn worries. The cart scene at the start was one of the best due to that battle of wits. Lawrence tries to get an edge with the line about Horo not being his type, but then gets the tables turned on him. They just look comfortable together.

Of course we’re moving into a difficult theme with it clear to both characters that they view the passage of time differently. Lawrence’s lifespan is only a small fraction of Horo’s. I don’t think she’s immortal or anything, but she might as well be from Lawrence’s point of view. It could take some time to find Yoitsu and yet if it was with Horo I don’t think Lawrence would mind. Even though they both like being around each other they still end up in the position they were at the end of that episode. Finding the right words for the situation just seems difficult. Obviously they can’t do anything about their lifespans, but they will have to make decisions about the actions they will take.

This festival is setting up nicely for some more development between Lawrence and Horo. But at the same time the events of the previous season are still very prominent. Lawrence was being pretty cautious in trading nails. But considering he nearly lost everything it’s no shock he’s not taking such huge gambles. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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