Asura Cryin – Final Impressions

The battle over the Igniter involved hostages and some real sacrifice. Kagakagari returned with another plan that of course ended up dragging Tomoharu and Misao into danger.


Well the series managed to end on a fairly tragic note. Considering the tone of some of the series I didn’t expect a sacrifice like that to be made. Though suppose calling the burial dolls living sacrifices is quite fitting. As they use the powers of their asura machina the souls are slowly being consumed. In the end to avoid losing everything Aine was sacrificed. It was probably a good use of time to give her and Reishirou some focus in order to make the loss felt more. The actions of Aine also make more sense since she was such an active person before her death. As time went on her soul was consumed and near the end there was only so much of her left. Even if they had found another way she probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

At least now it is made clear why Kanade was so forceful in trying to keep Tomoharu from fighting. Though talk about being hypocritical in her case. She is fine with sacrificing her own life by using her abilities without a contractor and yet stops Misao’s soul from being used. Besides the fact that she just isn’t strong enough on her own I have to wonder what she expects Tomo to do after she dies? You have to think sooner or later a contract will be made and make Tomo into an Asura Cryin. Talk about a hit to the gut that Tomo wants to save Misao and instead has been causing her harm. How long will her own energetic self last?

Oh and apparently the world is going to end 631 days so plan ahead. Really we have to think back to earlier in the series when it was said the world had ended once. If this is a second world it’s apparently running out of time. Seems like not only the burial dolls but everyone has a ticking clock that will be running out. I’m sure in the end things will be resolved but that doesn’t bring much comfort regaring those already lost like Aine.

Final Thoughts:

Well in the end I feel mixed about this series. Really I thought it could be pretty good with the mix of magic and science. Besides Misao really seemed like a fun character who could probably carry the whole thing on her own. Oddly she nearly had to do that since many of the other characters were people I didn’t care much about. Tomoharu had his moments but really couldn’t become a very strong lead. The guy just gets dragged around by things and he is the type you could see double timing because he can’t say no. Of course part of the problem was people not telling him anything. The situations might not have changed but wouldn’t his actions if people had told him Misao would be consumed by Kurogane?

The fights themselves were a high point for the show. They managed to get the asura machina to work nicely and make the whole thing pretty flashy. You can’t go wrong with Kanade’s fire power either which stayed pretty effective right to the end. There were pretty numerous kinds of powers from gravity control to the akuma who can give and take luck.

I don’t really have many strong feelings about the series overall. It was solid in some points and then kind of weak in others. The fanservice was fairly forgettable and I wonder about their sense of comedy with using the Igniter on Kanade. They really didn’t explain much through a 13 episode series. A lot of things happened but only a few facts were explained. It actually took them all this time just to say what happens to burial dolls.

Anyways it was still a decent enough show that I’d say was a 6/10.

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  1. I thought that the characters were really good, but shitty animation, plot development/layout, poor planning, poor animation, poor writing, really shitty animation, bad writing and very bad animation ruined this anime. In my opinion, it should have been done by JC Staff, whom I could see turning this into a Shakugan no Shana or To Aru Majutsu no Index type of anime. Considering that I liked these anime, that would have been good, but after the 7th episode, this anime just crashed (I loved it up until episode 8, where the animation became shitty all of the sudden, and the plot became rushed. I mean they just started introducing new characters every show, and then they wouldn’t appear again. It was totally shitty).

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