Tayutama ~Kiss On My Diety~ – Final Impressions

This show was alright. In the end however, it didn’t boil down to much more than a standard anime with an alien/supernatural girl appearing to a guy who already has a girl who he lies or likes him. They go though trouble and fun and in the end he of course goes with the new girls. I think it’s a bit of a shame that Ameri didn’t get a good ending. Although it was obvious from the start that she wouldn’t, I still want one anime based off a game that has endings for everyone; give an ending to someone other than the main girl. Shuffle is the only anime I can think of that did something like that, and I just want one show to do the same. Have the guy end up with Ameri but explain the whole situation with Mashiro made him realize love or made him a better person, whatever, just stop taking the easy way out.

I’ve said this several times before, but I feel I have to say it again. Nue is by far the best part about this entire series. She definitely deserves her own spin-off. I just loved her personality and character. The way she was so full of herself, always acting like a superior being, but not really doing so in a bitchy or annoying way. It was charming; I would defiantly become one of her followers.

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