K-On! – Final Impressions

I know I’m a bit late with this, but I figured better late than never, so here goes.

It’s hard to really describe K-On. Some may dismiss it as a random moe show filled with pointless content, but I really think it’s much more. Sure it may be true that there wasn’t a lot of serious in depth talk. They didn’t have drama about the girls practicing or not being able to play good enough. No real earth shattering problems between them that threatened the band. It simply took things lightly. Now, some may say that is a bad thing for the show, but I disagree. The show isn’t about the band; it isn’t about learning to play an instrument. Not at all. The show is about the characters and about simply having fun. You really got a feeling that these characters were having fun. Sure sometime someone would get annoyed, another may struggle, but it wasn’t serious. The show boils down to simply being about friends who are in a club together.

This show really was a great example of an easy going slice of life show. It didn’t have drama or romance problems, it didn’t try and be simply a comedy routine, it combined comedy in there yes, but that wasn’t its focus. It was simply to show these friends having fun playing their instruments together. It is rally inspiring in a way. Sure there are troubles in life and things aren’t as easy as depicted here, but in a way its inspiring to see such a take on life as simply enjoying what there is. I’m not ashamed to admit it but this show has absolutely pushed me to buy a guitar for myself and learn to play it. Not because I want to be like the characters but the show inspired me to do something I’ve always wanted to do by showing how much joy can be gotten from it. I loved this show, and don’t give a damn what people who think differently say. It’s a shame they can’t learn to enjoy things, because this show was really very enjoyable.

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  1. Overall I thought the show was pretty good. I wasn’t that into it since something about the characters didn’t quite click for me. But long as there are people who really enjoyed the show that’s just fine in my book. It was a show you could just watch and have a pretty good time.

    Gotta love your strong views Xebek. Anyone who doesn’t love the show are people who can’t learn to enjoy things :).

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