Tears to Tiara – 13

Arawn and the others head into the forest to recruit help from Taliesin and the Brigantes.


Disclaimer: I don’t feel like pretending I don’t know what is going to happen, and writing a section without spoilers and then one with them, as I’ve played the game. This post will contain massive spoilers to the whole plot. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t read on. I won’t spoil anything simply for the sake of spoiling it, no needless spoilers, but they will be there. Final warning.

I rather liked this episode. It was very similar to the events that happened in the game, so for now at leas they’ve stopped going so off track with things. I just hope they can continue this, as the game really is great, the closer they stick to it the better. I was a bit disappointed in them not showing in more detail how he got his arm dislocated. In the game, it was actually not obvious that’s what he did until Taliesin said something. It seemed like something stupid Arthur did and was bad luck. Then I had a moment of: “… … OOOH!” I kind of wish they had shown it here.

I’m a bit fuzzy on where they will go now. The order of things now that they’ve had this encounter should be running into the gravitas next, then there is a huge mess of stuff, then Arthur goes back to Taliesin. I’m thinking the anime is going to try and interject something between now and the gravitas just because it seems like it would be too soon between Taliesin encounters. What worries me is that even after that, and even after the BIG battle against Gaius there is still a ton more content that I don’t see how they will fit in, so I’m kind of worried about the pacing. I just hope they don’t interject too much. The most important part I think is when Taliesin is told the history of the world and the Angels, and that may take some time to explain.

I did also want to mention that they’ve already come out with some cute Nendorids for Arawn and Riannon. You can see some of them here. I’m not too into getting figures of guys, but Riannon is definitely cute in that figure.

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