Kurokami – 23 [Final]

We see how Keita and Akane are living their lives now that Kuro has left and the battle is over.


I thought this final recap episode was surprisingly good. For a recap episode, recapping 22 episodes it did a good job. What I liked is that it managed to show a lot of perspectives that weren’t there before, such as Kuro first coming to the city. They showed why she disappeared at times and went into her thoughts a bit more during some scenes when they had originally talked about something else. I also liked that they delved a bit more into Akane’s motivation for forming the contract. Although they had always kind of mentioned it, they never really explained it in a lot of detail. They still didn’t take a lot of time here, but they added a few tidbits I think is nice to have in the overall picture.

Of course by far the best part of this episode was the epilogue it had with Akane marrying Keita. Although the series came to a nice end plot wise with the previous episode it’s always nice to see some more closure like this. Then, going as far as showing him living a long happy life, dying of old age after having grandchildren was great. It also served not just to show how far he had come but the bit about him taking the curse with him was important, as it frees Kuro to live a normal life….I think. That’s the part I’m still confused on. It would seem, and be all nice and happy, that once Keita takes the curse with him and dies of old age, Kuro would be free to live a normal life not trapped in that sealing thing. However….shouldn’t Kuro die as well? That was the big thing about them being in a Tera Cycle, that if one dies the other does too…Oh well, still a nice ending.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this series was good. It wasn’t anything earth shattering or epic. It didn’t really have one unique part of it that was different from other series; it just turned out to be a very solid action kind of show. It did have a lot of instances where the direction of things completely shifted, which was a good thing. First it was Reishin who was the bad guy, and he was “defeated” however then it turned out that Sawamura was plotting something. It was interesting to see a character from the sides turn out o be a mastermind, and then he became a bad guy. However once he was defeated it went back to Reishin who seemed to have another agenda, and then it went from Reishin to the Masagami who were the enemy. It seemed like it was jumping focus everywhere. However while sometimes that may be considered bad I think it was helpful here because it somewhat kept you guessing as to what’s happening, who is really the bad guy, and what’s his real motivation. The part of the show that kept you guessing was definitely one of the best parts I thought.

There’s not much more to say then that. Everything else about the show was just rather average. Still, it made for a fun and enjoyable show to watch. It just wasn’t anything spectacular. It was simply average.

4 thoughts on “Kurokami – 23 [Final]”

  1. Yeah, Kurokami was an okay show. It’s not even close to the manga source, but it wasn’t the worst adaptation I’ve ever seen.

  2. agreed, I really like the ending also. the show was okay but it did keep me hooked and wanting to know what will happen next.

  3. Very nice anime. I liked it. I especially loved how they gave this anime closure, with him dying of old age and all that jazz.

    Oh and I’d like to point out a reason why Kuro will not die due to Keita dying. The tera cycle that they formed was made with Kuro’s tera. When the cycle was created, it was done using Kuro’s tera because Keito’s tera was already depleted. They even said that his tera was already absorbed into the Master Root’s body. So one could assume that the tera that was cycling between them was Kuro’s. Therefor, if Kuro dies, then Keita dies. However, it is not true the other way around because it was Kuro’s tera to begin with. At least, that’s my opinion on it anyway, lol.

    (lol I just finished watching this if you’re wondering why it’s such a late reply)

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