Our Summer 2009 Picks

Well, I realize this post is coming EXTREMELY late, as it actually seems to always be. Still, the point of this post isn’t to inform what is out there to watch for the new season, but simply what me and Flare will be doing posts on. So without further delays, here are our picks and the reasoning.

Flare Full

Spice and Wolf
This was an easy series to decide to pick up. Much like Natsume this was a show I enjoyed the first season of but just wasn’t blogging when it aired. Ever since the first season ended I’ve been anticipating a sequel and now it has finally arrived. It’s not a show that many would see as exciting on the surface. But the interactions of Horo and Lawrence really drove the first season. Long as the second season can live up to the first this will probably be my favorite show that is currently airing. I never would have anticipated that the travels of a special wolf and a merchant could be so entertaining. Will definitely enjoy following their exploits as they continue to travel North.

Flare Quick

Now I heard about the source material around the end of Higurashi Kai. While this isn’t a sequel there is a connection between the series. So since Higurashi has ended up near the top of my favorites list I was interested in following this one. It should have plenty of suspense from the synopsis and could end up being a pretty messy series by the end. There is some nice voice talent coming into play here as well so there is plenty to be excited about here. This kind of series probably won’t be for everyone but I’ll see where it goes.

Xebek Full

Umi Monogatari
I’ve always loved Mahou Shoujo; in fact it’s a tie for my favorite genre with just normal drama/romance. Mix them together and it would really be something. I’m not actually thinking this show will do that, but being semi mahout shoujo will be enough to catch my interest. Interestingly enough it seems that although its mahout shoujo and seems like it would be light hearted from some early screen caps it seems to have a high ecchi content which I wasn’t expecting. I just hope they also mix in quality.

Xebek Quick

Yoku Waka
Eh. It caught my eye. I don’t have any hope of this being epic or anything but it seem s like it could just simply be fun to watch and having a show be fun to watch is enough of a reason for me to watch it.

Aoi Hana
There is something about yuri that is always attention catching for me it seems… However I’ve been disappointed in recent history with pseudo yuri shows like Mariya + Holic turning into just random slapstick. I want this show to have seriousness towards the romances like Strawberry Panic had. That s not to say I want this show to be like Strawberry Panic, but they just focused on the yuri relationships as serious, and it was a nice change of pace. I hope that happens here.

One thought on “Our Summer 2009 Picks”

  1. Not all yuri is like Maria Holic. Actually, that’s the first time I’ve seen a yuri series like that.

    Btw, have you seen Maria-sama ga Miteru (Maria Watches Over Us)? Great yuri with drama like Strawberry Panic but so much better. Some people say they don’t like Maria-sama. I didn’t after first either but after the first 3 or 4 episodes things got better.

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