Back From Vacation – Pictures of Nodoka With the Monuments

Well, as the title of this post says I am back from my vacation. It was very fun and I saw and went to many museums. I had a good time. As I mentioned in my post announcing I was going, I took my Nodoka plush with me to take pictures of in front of the various monuments and sites, which I indeed did do. I’ll share those pictures, but first some of the vacation highlights.

The fireworks show was very impressive. I was able to get a seat in front of the Lincoln Memorial, with the reflecting pool and the Washington Monument in front of me. The fireworks were shot pretty much in that area so I saw them very close up and with the Washington Monument in the background as they were going off. They had some very impressive ones.

One of the more fun parts of my vacation was going to a restraint called Fogo de Chao. It is a very nice and fancy restaurant where effectively you get all you can eat steak. The best part is they have like 15 different kinds of meant, different steaks and so on AND you never have to leave your table to get more. In fact you can easily go without ever having an empty plate. The waiters simply walk around the restraint with giant skewers of meat and if you turn a little disk on your table to green they’ll stop buy and ask if you want that particular meat. You say yes and they give you some, you say no and they walk away and soon another kind of steak graces your presence.

Well, here are the pictures of Nodoka. I warn that most of them are fairly blurry, as I had to hold her up with one hand and steady the camera with the other. Plus the lighting was very different depending on where I was, plus lot so people waiting behind me, giving me weird looks as I held up this weird thing and took pictures of it in a museum. Some are good, most are ok, but there are a couple that are bad but I included them because they are all I could get of her and a particular sight.

Here is the first picture I showed again, Nodoka in front of the Smithsonian Castle

Nodoka in front of a mural at the Air and Space Museum.

Nodoka in front of an actual Lunar Lander. Obviously not one that landed on the moon, but one real enough that it was designed to do so.

Not sure what EXACTLY this was, one of the exhausts of a rocket though.

Here are a couple of shots of Nodoka in front of the actual Wright Flighter.

It was hard to get a good picture here. This is Amelia Earheart’s plane. It was in an area where they are working to do slight restorations so the light wasn’t very good.

Nodoka in front of Stephen Colbert’s portrait. I love the show so thought this was cool to see.

Nodoka in front of Archie Bunker’s chair.

Nodoka in front of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers. The lighting here wasn’t too great so the picture is kind of bad.

Nodoka in front of the actual Kermit the Frog.

Nodoka with Oscar the Grouch.

Nodoka with a cast of a life mask made of Lincoln. This one was made when he was still younger, seeing as how there is no beard.

Nodoka with another life/death mask of Lincoln, this one was made a month before his death.

Nodoka with Lincoln’s rifle, this was a good weapon in Fallout 3…

Nodoka with Lincoln’s top hat.

Nodoka with a old canon.

Nodoka with a bust cast from Washington.

Nodoka with Washington’s saber.

Nodoka with some old guns.

Nodoka in front of the White House.

Nodoka with an old plane.

This is one of my favorites. Nodoka in front of the actual model of the Enterprise used in the original series.

Nodoka at the Jefferson Memorial.

This one is pretty bad quality, but I only visited the monument at night o see it lit up so the lighting for the picture was bad. But here it is anyways, Nodoka at the Lincoln Memorial.

2 thoughts on “Back From Vacation – Pictures of Nodoka With the Monuments”

  1. Mother of lord, that’s quite a trip.

    I’ll have to visit Washington D.C. once in my lifetime. Definitely would love to see all the Abraham Lincoln stuff.

  2. I just got my Nodoka plushie today. It was your pics that helped convince me to get her. I just love how cute she looks when her hair is lifted up to show her left eye. I’m gonna have to get Negi now. I’d complete the polygamous duo but I don’t think they do a Yue plushie sadly. Oh well, at least this way Nodoka will get Negi alkl to herself like she should.

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