Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 10

Hughes digs into the military and as a consequence must fight for his very life.


RIP Hughes. I knew this was coming from the first time around and yet it was still sad to see him go down here. He was up against monsters there is just no question about it. We’re talking about guys that could send Scar running. Hughes was a pretty amazing guy, but really without being an alchemist or something extraordinary he didn’t stand a chance here. That was a pretty good throw into Lust’s head and he could have gotten a shot at Envy if that mimic ability hadn’t been used. Have to give him credit for not quitting even though the odds were stacked against him. He was smart enough to figure some things out, but not powerful enough to endure.

Onto another subject. Just what the heck was that girl in the office thinking!? I mean she bloody sees Hughes walk in injured trailing blood behind him and she just sits there in shock? No calling for help or anything? Isn’t the first reaction of any person to tell someone? Security, medical crews, do something! That bloody woman should be fired. Who is she to be crying after the fact when being asked questions? It’s partly her fault that he died.

It was kind of strange to move to the Elric Brothers and Winry after seeing Hughes die like that. Of course maybe it was ended to be a strange feeling. The main characters are having a good time and don’t even know that someone they care about has been killed. It will definitely hurt when they get the news. Even if they were there it doesn’t mean the result would have been any different. In fact they all could have been killed.

I can’t wait to see Mustang go after those guys. The man is definitely pissed and will burn anyone who tries to stop him from finding out who killed his friend. It was a touching scene at the funeral with him crying and saying it was raining. There are probably only a few people that Mustang truly cares about in that world and one of them was just killed. Of course to find out who was behind this he’ll need to dig deep into things and will most likely draw fire onto himself.

In the end I feel bad for Elicia and her mother. It’s not a safe occupation but you can never be fully prepared to find out a loved one was gone. Seeing Elicia at the burial was a pretty heartbreaking thing to see. There will be vegence for that girl’s loss that’s for sure

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