Hayate no Gotoku II – The Strong Resurgance Of Trap Hayate

I felt that I just had to say something about the latest resurgence of Trap Hayate. Although obviously not the first appearance of him, it still is hilarious and just…interesting to watch when he makes an appearance like this. However not only did he just appear for five seconds or so like in previous episodes, this whole couple episode arc is focused on him and being in trap mode which is quite unexpected, but again very….interesting.

I think one of the best parts of Hayate going into trap mode is just the reactions for pretty much very character that sees him. Everyone pretty much seems to agree he look good like that and want him to stay that way. I loved the way Nagi was just shaking telling Maria to make sure she tells Hayate that she is fine with Hayate being dressed like that. And of course Maria who is usually quite reserved gets very flustered at the site of Trap Hayate, which is fun to see. I’m sure the same response wouldn’t be had with anyone who cross-dresses, but for Hayate’s character it seems to go perfectly. There have already been several quotes this season, “What are you, a girl?” from various characters regarding Hayate’s normal look and actions, so I guess Trap Hayate fits perfectly. In any event, it makes for a very interesting episode.

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