Big Indoor Figure Photoshoot – Overall Conclusion

Well now that I have finally posted the photo-shoots for the five figures (4 and one group) up I figured I would take a look and reflect upon how this indoor photo-shoot was done. Overall, I have to say that I suck at taking indoor photos. I’m no expert by any means but even the pictures I took years ago with less knowledge, when taken outside they were just so much better. I don’t know how some of these people like Super Rats do it. I had a reflector, diffuser, two lights, hell the top one was even an expensive natural light lamp (I didn’t buy it for this shoot, I’ve always had it) but a majority of them still came out…blah. On one hand I think it’s partially my camera to blame. Although it’s a nice camera for taking pictures of people on fascination or at a party, with the lens always inside the body of the camera I can’t get any good focus with it. I think even a cheaper camera then what I have but just with a different type of lens would serve my figure photos far better. I also couldn’t seem to get the light right. The colors seem all messed up on my Horo shoot even though a gold background was the color used on the box when it showed pictures and it obviously worked there, complimenting the figure. I would say my best one is by far the Kannu shoot. I thought that one actually turned out really well. I’m kind of proud of that one, but the others weren’t so great.

In the future I’m definitely going to try and do more figure shoots outside, however the main problem I run into is that figures these days are just getting more and more complex. I mean, my god the Alter Nanoha StrikerS one that is going to be coming out (the one revealed at the Hobby Festival a while back) is HUGE and has little parts every which way, I would be scared to death to take something like that outside, or even my Alter Hayate outside considering how big she is with some delicate parts like her skirt-cape and wings. I’m probably going to be forced to take more indoor pictures. Hell, I would even be afraid to take my Nendoroids outside considering all the small parts that can easily be lost. (Also considering I spent more money on the discontinued Fate/Stay Night Lucky Star Nendoroids then most of my full 1/8 scale figures)

On the plus side if I get a slightly different camera, I think some of my future shoots will be much better. I just have to pick my colors a little better, ala Horo, and things will work out good like Kannu. It’s unavoidable that I’ll have to take more indoor pictures. I just hope I can better myself. The five I did here are at least far better than my first attempt at an indoor shoot which sadly consisted of placing table next to a window, with a screen, and a horrible whittle power board behind it. These five are thousand times better than those and there’s a good chance I’ll redo those pictures, and if I get even better I may redo some of these even.

Overall they didn’t turn out as horribly as I thought, but I’m still nowhere near where I would want them to be. They aren’t even close to my outdoor pictures, and I don’t take the most perfect outdoor pictures either. Still, shoots like my Kannu one give me hope.

On a small note, anyone have a good camera they may recommend I should try? Right now I’m using a Nikon S50c and while it’s a nice camera, the lens when zooming or in macro mode doesn’t actually leave the body of the camera so it has HORRIBLE focusing. I couldn’t get any close up shots I wanted and even some of the pictures I have now of the face where bigger pictures cropped down, which appeared blurry. I need a camera with a lens that sticks out. I’m not looking to spend 70 thousand dollars on a top of the line camera, I just need something reasonably priced that takes good close up pictures.

For a quick link to each of the posts in this installment of indoor shots, they are below.


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