[Figure] 1/6 Daiki Kannu Unchou – Big Indoor Shoot 5 of 5 (Best Pictures Yet)

Name: Kannu Unchou
Anime: Ikkitousen
Scale: 1/6
Height: 30cm
Manufacturer: Daiki

Here is the fifth of my five new indoor shoots, described: here. I did five photo-shoots indoors and Kannu here was the last one of the five I did. Stay tuned for my overall impression of my indoor shoots.

This is definitely one of my favorite photo-shoots. Not only is it one of the most impressive figures I have, running at 1/6 scale with some beautiful sculpting, the colors and lighting seemed to just finally come together at the end. While all the other indoor shoots were kind of bleh, this one I’m actually proud of. I’m not saying its perfect, and I’m sure others who do indoor shoots exclusively could do better with their eyes closed, but for me it’s pretty damn good.

Of course, one of the things that probably helps the photo-shoot is that the figure itself is pretty impressive. I’m not a huge fan of Ikkitousen, but I had to grab this figure because once I saw it I just couldn’t help myself. The hair is done amazingly, several different strands having their own pieces and it’s carved to look like hair, plus I love the way it flows and doesn’t just hang there like a solid change. The body sculpting is great especially around the stomach and waist; the way it shows her form is pretty impressive and sexy. The skirt and cape are both impressive. They are both optional pieces which you can see in some of the pictures that don’t feature them. The cape thing is actually pretty massive. It has some very nice designs on it but it’s just a solid chunk. Thankfully they included a little plastic pole that actually goes into the base and stops the cape from weighing the figure down, so there is less chance of warpage.

It’s a tie between her hair and general body sculpting for my favorite part of the figure. As I said the hair is pretty impressive and the way it flows along with its sculpting makes it look damn nice. However the sculpting and shaping of her body is pretty eye catching. Although she has some impressive…. assets too, which are nice and nicely done, I think the shaping of her stomach area is almost more eye catching and impressive for the overall look of the figure.

The figure does have some more NSFW poses, with the skirt being removed you are left with a very small undergarment to cover her up, and going even a step forward there is an replaceable part that will expose her breasts for even more NSFW posing. Not that it matters as far as other people seeing her but I actually prefer her with all the pieces in tact as it just looks more like how the figure was conceived. It’s as if the NSFW bits were just added to hook in some more people, but the figure with her parts all on was enough for me. All the NSFW pictures are below this, so careful.

Well that’s it for my indoor pictures this time around. I’m still going to post an overall impression on how the set up for indoor pictures went, as this is new to me since I”m used to outdoor pictures. You can find the previous pictures for Horo here, Siesta here, Louise here, and the ZnT group shot here.

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