Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 09

Winry arrives in Central to help Ed while Al has to deal with problems of his own.


Well now we know the reason why Winry hadn’t arrived yet was because she hadn’t left. You’d think if she knew that part might be important that she would try to find them. Oh well in the end Ed contacted her about repairs and it all worked out. Kind of funny that both Winry and Ed were worried about the other blowing up regarding what happened to Ed’s arm. Winry ended up being relieved that Ed hadn’t noticed it was her fault and Ed was relieved that Winry wasn’t that upset about him busting it in a fight. A funny piece of information was finding out that Ed and Al had fought about who was going to marry Winry once.

We really got the chance to see Winry, Ed, and Al brood over their respective issues. I can understand Winry’s perspective and feeling like they never tell her things. Not that hard a stance to take when the guys have stayed out of contact for years at a time and only call her when their is a problem. It was good for her to go and spend time with Hughes in this episode. He really did help make some things clear. Those guys really don’t communicate that much in words. They do care about her, but just assume she’ll understand without saying things. A tough spot for the person who actually has to figure out their meaning. The trip was worthwhile for Winry if only to make bonds with the Hughes family and pick up a little sister figure with Elicia.

Al and Ed really had a tough thing to overcome in this episode. What was said during the fight in the previous episode was really eating at Al. I guess without a body there is a real fear of not being there. It’s no surprise that he was so distant until the final outburst. Of course Ed had been burdened by thinking Al hated him and then finds out his problem was something like that. I’m glad that Winry decided to settle things swiftly in regards to Al. Hearing a childhood friend even consider a massive conspiracy like that would force one into action. Of course he can’t feel pain but still having her flip out on him with a wrench would be pretty scary. I guess Hughes and those guards realize that she really is a childhood friend with how crazy she can be. Just glad Ed and Al settled things and can move forward at last.

It seems Winry will be sticking with the guys for a while longer. Should be interesting to see what trouble they get into. Scar is still alive which means the brothers might have to deal with another wild attack in the near future.

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