[Figures] Zero no Tsukaima Alter Group Shot – Big Indoor Shoot 4 of 5

Here is the fourth of my five new indoor shoots, described: here. I did five photo-shoots indoors and the group shoot of Louise and Siesta here was the fourth one of the five I did. Stay tuned for the others, plus my overall impression of my indoor shoots. All pictures link to their larger counterparts.

After I just finished Louise and Siesta it seemed to make perfect sense to do a photo-shoot of them together. I had done a couple of group shots in the past, but nothing too impressive. The best one I did was of the four P@P figures I had, two of each girl, one each in different clothes, however a still less interesting group shot seemed like it would make sense and I decided to include it separately so it could get its own section other figure page. WHICH BTW I HAVE UPDATED.

As both of these figures are the same scale and both made by Alter I thought they did make a good match to be shot together. Plus I really like Siesta’s face having a look like she’s looking down. Considering the Louise figure is a bit low due to her pose it made for some interesting poses where Siesta was kind of looking down and behind her AT Louise. Beyond that there wasn’t too much else, I just figured that two figures for the same manufacturer and same series could be shot together.

The actual pictures turned out similar to their individual counterparts, why wouldn’t they. Same color scheme and, well, the same figures. Not much else to it than that. There’s still one more figure, and they are the best pictures of any of the five, best for last. The previous figures in this indoor shoot can be found here for Horo, here for Siesta, and here for Louise.

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