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Wow I knew Oz had some serious issues with his father, but seeing the flashback was something else. It’s amazing how someone can have that much hate for their own child. You have to wonder where that is based. I can’t imagine it was something that young Oz did that resulted in being disliked to that degree. Brings up questions about whether Oz was even a legitimate child. Maybe the father was fooling around and had to take responsibility. Though that guy does seem a bit too serious for that kind of thing. You just have to wonder where his father’s feelings are coming from.


It definitely makes it more possible that his father was part of the group that sent Oz to the abyss. I mean someone that felt that way about his own kid wouldn’t have problems with doing it. Though makes you wonder since I can’t see Gil taking a hit for that guy. But again it would still hurt Oz to injure or kill his own father so Gil might have still jumped in for that reason.

Of course the other part comes with Philip and his father. The man was willing to make a contract with a chain in order to make his sons life better. He didn’t actually ask Philip what he wanted before making such a rash decision. Clearly the status and money made him happier so he probably thought it would make his son happier. Now part was also to try and save his wife which would indeed make his kid happier. Still he killed others and put his life at risk for that. The worst case scenario came true and the child was left all alone. Without support the kid will end up alone on the streets and may end up dying.

I really feel for Alice through all of this. The girl is lacking memories and doesn’t have any family. All she can do is watch as Oz is hurting and try to be there. I’m impressed she managed to keep such a cool head even though Oz stopped her assault on the chain.

Really family can be a strength for people. Other times it can really be a source of pain. In the end the characters have to move forward before Oz’s time runs out.

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  1. About the illegitimate child factor, I wondered about that as well. But if there was any fooling around thingy going on…it won’t be the dad, more like the mom. Oz mommy died young. She was murdered by one of the four duke houses so there could be something there that was not revealed yet.

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