[Figures] 1/8 Alter Louise – Big Indoor Shoot 3 of 5

Name: Louise Françoise de la Baume le Blanc de la Vallière
Anime: Zero no Tsukaima
Scale: 1/8
Height: 17cm
Manufacurer: Alter

Here is the third of my five new indoor shoots, described: here. I did five photo-shoots indoors and Louise here was the third one of the five I did. Stay tuned for the others, plus my overall impression of my indoor shoots. All pictures link to their larger counterparts.

After I finished my second shoot I had plenty of time for some more so I pondered what else to do and seeing as I just finished Alter Siesta and I had an Alter Louise sitting on the shelf next to her, I decided what the hell. I kept the same background up but it seemed a bit fitting as the colors of the figures weren’t too different plus they are from the same series and all.

This is one of the newer Alter releases of Louise. They had actually done quite a few figures and they were all pretty good but nothing really caught my interest. If I had unlimited amounts of money I probably would have gotten a few of them but they weren’t impressive enough to get with my current situation. However, when I saw this one it looked just cool enough I had to get. I love the pose on this one. So many figures are just standing, doing a slight turn or bend, waving or whatever but this figure really is something a bit different. Plus it has very easy access to viewing her pantsu…not that that had any influence on anything.

This shot was very similar to Siesta’s I think the color really helps to just make this character kind of pop. I was able to get a bit more angles with this Louise as opposed to Siesta just because it had such a pose that made for some interesting shots form all angle. Still, the thing I think hurt the most was lack of a good focusing camera. (Yes, I know I keep blaming the shots on the camera but come on, the lens doesn’t leave the body of the camera, and it doesn’t focus at all on these!)

The figure itself is very nice. Although another rather solid one, the wand is removable, it’s a very nice figure. I think the post is just great and an interesting change from some of the others you see. I think that is my favorite part of it. They did a good job at making the cape nice and sturdy but also giving it some flail to make it seem like a cape. Though I think looking at the figure a bit objectionably, the cape is probably bigger then it normally is when compared to the actual scale of the character and clothing, but who cares, it looks nice.

Here are some shots of Louise next to Nendo-Louise. I’ll eventually do full posts on the Nendoroids, actually showing the different parts and faces but right now I was focusing on big Louise so I just wanted to throw her in for one or two pictures. Nendo-Louise does seem sad though…

There’s still more to come from the indoor shots. The previous ones can be found here for Horo and here for Siesta.

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