Tayutama ~Kiss On My Diety~ – Nue Obviously Best Part Of Show

Well it’s pretty much as the title says; Nue is obviously the best part of this series. It’s not even that she’s a loli, though that helps. I just love her personality, how she’s so full of herself but most of the time for legitimate reasons. I love how she was just calmly saying how she should get more credit, and how awesome she is. Hell, if it wasn’t for her then Dragon would never have been revealed like he was. Plus she’s a loli. Plus she has some kind of celestial energy tracking thing going on through the internet that could come in handy soon or just later. Plus she’s a loli. Plus she helped with Houou. Plus she’s a loli. PLUS she’s just all around awesome. It really is her attitude that fits perfectly with her that’s the best part. Her voice is pretty damn good for her kind of character too. She is just simply the best part of this show. Plus she’s a loli.

As for the rest of the series, plot wise, I think it’ll probably be pretty simple as to what will happen. They seem like they are going to be focusing far more on Ameri then the actual Dragon guy. They seemed to defeat him rather easily this time and he didn’t even seem like he was weakened or that he’ll be more powerful some other time. I think it’ll boil down to Ameri kind of snapping about her jealousy thing and using her innate celestial power combined with perhaps something Dragon’s influence left in her. It will all end up tying back to that even they flashed to where Ameri kind of blew off Yuuri at the opening ceremony or first day of school.

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