[Figures] 1/8 Alter Siesta – Big Indoor Shoot 2 of 5

Name: Siesta
Anime: Zero no Tsukaima
Scale: 1/8
Height: 21cm
Manufacturer: Alter

Here is the second of my five new indoor shoots, described: here. I did five photo-shoots indoors and Siesta here was the second one of the five I did. Stay tuned for the others, plus my overall impression of my indoor shoots. All pictures link to their larger counterparts.

I wasn’t originally planning on doing five figures in my recent shoot, I had just hoped for one and maybe more if I had time so I just picked a simple figure I had because I thought it would be quick. Well I then proceeded to do three more shoots. Siesta here isn’t necessarily one of my favorites, but was simple enough I decided to do a quick figure shoot of her.

I think the actual pictures turned out a lot better than my previous Horo figure. I attribute it really to the color. I think the blue background handles the light a lot better and really makes the figure itself pop. I still have the problem with not having a good enough camera to focus well on the figure, but the colors and lighting are much better than Horo’s.

As for the actual figure itself, it’s pretty good. It’s nothing too impressive or flashy, it doesn’t have thousands of parts sticking out or an incredibly detailed pose, but the face is nice, it’s not deformed, and fits the character well. It’s a solid figure. One of the few recent figures that I could have actually taken outside without a lot of worry, but I still did a shoot of it inside anyways.

As I said before there isn’t anything too impressive with the figure but I do think the face is very nicely done, looks like the character. I’m also glad they didn’t over exaggerate her breasts even though that is one of the things they tend to do in the series for comedy, they are pretty reasonably sized actually.

Overall I think this photo-shoot went pretty good. The camera’s inability to do real close up pictures hurt but I think the color and lighting went much better than the last one I did. Stay tuned for more indoor shoots, the previous indoor shoots can be found here for Horo

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