Battle of the Month – May

Well it is days late, but I think it’s time to get this monthly decision on the road. I honestly think the battles are some of the greatest parts of watching anime. Obviously each genre has its strong points and the things that define it. Wouldn’t say slice of life series aren’t great because there aren’t explosions, just that some of the most memorable moments are some of the fights I’ve seen over the years. So I’ll try to select the fight that stood out the most in my mind for the previous month. Now it would only include what I’ve seen, be it OVA or a regular series.

So now that I’ve gotten my thoughts on fights out of the way let’s go with my selection for the month of May.

Battle Thoughts:
Now the fight that stood out the most for me came from the Tsubasa Shunraiki OVA. Now OVAs do have the strength of production values and wanting to put as much quality into the minutes that are available. Now this will assume you’ve watched the show and the OVAs that have come out. If that isn’t the case you should probably back off here.

The Syaoran vs. Clone Syaoran fight was pretty impressive. Now this didn’t last a very long period of time, but they managed to get the action displayed nicely. It was a pretty good rematch after their initial meeting in the previous OVA. Syaoran got to show off a couple nice elemental abilities with wind and lightning being used. Now he simply couldn’t overcome the firely power that was reinforced by the eye the clone stole. The blades were flashing when the magic wasn’t being used. Really they managed to keep the fight in close and yet pull back a little to show a more complete picture. The music worked well with the combat especially when it was at its peak.

Really this fight just looked great from my perspective. The characters weren’t breaking it up every few moments to chat. Once the fight started they didn’t stop until one hit the ground. Now this time it was the original, but I give him slack considering the damage took from the previous episode of the OVA. It was just a nice thing to watch before getting more into the heavy plot developments that came next.

So that’s where my choice rested for this week. There is another month in June to see what we might get. So until next month.

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