[Figures] 1/8 GSC Horo – Big Indoor Shoot 1 of 5

Name: Horo
Anime: Spice and Wolf
Scale: 1/8
Height: 20cm
Manufacturer: Goodsmile Company

Here is the first of my five new indoor shoots, described: here. I did five photo-shoots indoors and Horo here was the first one of the five I did. Stay tuned for the others, plus my overall impression of my indoor shoots.

Horo here is one of my favorite figures I’ve gotten in a while. It’s a beautiful figure and the swooshing look of the figure is beautiful. The way the hair flows and just the posture of her body looks great. However, unfortunately, it was the first figure of the five that I took and was definitely the worst of the five. Worst as in the actual pictures aren’t great, the figure itself is great.

I think the main problem I had here is that the color background was far too bright. The color itself isn’t the problem but the way it affected the light was. Looking at all the other figures I did in this recent shoot, this one is the worst but the color is also the brightest, so I think that played a major part in this.

This figure actually holds a new record for the most amount of removable and interchangeable pieces. She has an optional necklace, her two ears can be removed and a hat can be used instead. Her vest is optional; the bow on her skirt is removable, as is the skirt itself, leaving just her pants. The braided tail is also a separate piece, and then of course to be able to remove the skirt and vest her head is a spate piece, each arm is removable, as is the torso itself. A lot of pieces, but it also leaves for a look you can get just as you want.

As I said the favorite part of this figure has to be the pose. The way they have her body twisting is great. The actual torso looks as it would if your body was doing that kind of turn, plus her shirt has the ruffles and wrinkles to follow it. Everything looks just perfect and you can really imagine her doing that kind of spin and turn around.

So there it is, the first of the five new indoor photo-shoots. As I said this is one of my favorite figures but out of the five shoots I did, it looks the worst so don’t be deterred by this, stay tuned for the other ones, as they DO look better.

3 thoughts on “[Figures] 1/8 GSC Horo – Big Indoor Shoot 1 of 5”

  1. Now this is just beautiful. Horo really is a great character in terms of personality and just overall looks. So this figure just looks really nice. When I do go and get some nice figures this is at the top of my list.

  2. Yeah I also will be looking for this figure when I hit Otakon next month. I’m not a big figure collector, since they are expensive and I am a poor college grad, but this one looks too nice to pass up.

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