Big Indoor Figure Photoshoot – Several Posts To Come

It’s been years since I’ve done a proper figure photo-shoot. My last figure post was about my enormous collection of Nendoroids but that was only one quick picture of each of them in a badly lit environment, mainly just to show them off. Before that the previous figure shoot was EXACTLY, save for 10 days, TWO YEARS AGO! TWO YEARS! In the meantime, I had not stopped collecting figures, oh no, in fact I got more than ever. However I just never took pictures of them. Now the number of figures I have that do not have pictures far outnumber those that do, and last week I had enough free time that I decided to change that.

Still, I was far too lazy to actually leave the house. Laziness is a real medical condition I suffer from…don’t make fun of it, its unavoidable. So, without going outside I still decided I would do some figure photo-shoots so, well, did indoor pictures. Now, that is nowhere near my comfort zone. I take pretty good outdoor pictures, not perfect, not the best, but good. However the one time I tried to do an indoor shoot and it looked like absolute utter crap. However this time I decided I would try and set it up a bit more professionally and less makeshift. Not wanting my set up to go to waste I did a total of five figure photo-shoots. 4 individual figures and then one shoot of a group shot of characters from the same series and manufacturer. So, I have to say that doing five photo-shoots after not having done anything for TWO YEARS was pretty impressive. I plan to post them very soon, as I’m writing this the pictures are already taken and everything. Expect to see all five figure posts up within the next week or so along with my overall impression on how the scary indoor shoot went.

The figures I took pictures of are GSC Horo, Alter Louise (the new one), Alter Siesta, Daiki Kannu Unchou, and a group shot of Louise and Siesta. Look forward to them, but remember this is essentially my first indoor shoot, the other one hardly counts for anything. Plus, the camera I use sucks, more on that in the final impression.

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