Kurokami – 18

Kuro and Keita make their way to the top of the Holy Land in order to stop Reishin


I totally called it. I knew that Akane had to have partnered with Reishin, for one reason or another. I didn’t actually base my previous idea off of any manga spoilers, I just knew it. Now, there are several reasons why she might have partnered with him. First off I don’t think she was forced into it. First off we’ve never seen any contracts that have been forced, the whole idea of it seems to be about these two people working together and I don’t think it would just physically work for one of them to be in the partnership unwillingly. The other option then is that Akane is evil, which also doesn’t really fit. First off she’s never shown any signs of being evil or having any connection or interesting in Reishin so she wouldn’t just go with him for no reason or take part in evil deeds FOR him. Therefore, the only conclusion I can reach is that she is partnered with him because Reishin has convinced her, rightfully so or not, that his actions and his goals are for the better good.

I found it kind of odd that they never really gave a good justification for why Reishin was doing everything he was doing. It was unclear. He wanted power, eh wanted to kill everyone, it seemed like it was just random chaos. That’s not a good motivation for a character like him. It doesn’t fit. After seeing Kuro kind of freak out in this episode, going all berserk and killing everyone in sight it hit me that everything he’s done, even killing their family, was for Kuro’s benefit. It seems that there is something up with Kuro, some kind of evil in her she can’t control, some kind of tremendous power and my guess is that Reishin is trying to help her no matter what it takes. It’s easily possible, as Akane has come to care for Kuro, that upon learning this she agreed to help Reishin even if it meant hurting Kuro and Keita in the process, thinking it’s for the better good.

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