Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei – 03

Rika contacts Hanyuu and learns the details behind her situation.


I suppose the positive thing is getting a sense of direction for things. Before there didn’t seem to be anywhere Rika could go or any actions she could take to get out of this mess. At least now she has an understanding of the situation and what happened with the truck. I have to say that was a pretty chilling scene even if we didn’t see much other than the blood and horrified faces. Surviving so much only to get decapitated by a truck is just cruel. Suppose it is a case of being paid back for reckless behaviour. It does seem a little extreme to die just because you were having a little reckless fun.

Finding that the fragment is likely in her mother was a hard development. Of course Rika would have to choose between the two worlds if she found that fragment eventually. Still now she has to decide whether to settle with that world or kill her mother. It’s not like that world is the worst one she has ever encountered. Sure there are some rough spots with Mion and Satoko. Not to mention the fact that Keiichi isn’t around and Hanyuu is only a voice that can be contacted rarely. But the club is going to be started again, but this time its just for a different reason. Rika could build up good friendships with the friends that are available and see how things go. Satoshi is a good guy that would help make things work. Plus Rika’s family is alive which gives her the chance to have a connection to them that she missed out on before.

It was interesting to find out about the Rika of that world. She sounded like quite the different character from the one we are familiar with. I guess without the tough circumstances she grew up in a pretty elitist manner and even had some henchmen. Not really surprised that people around didn’t like her that much. It’s not like they know that Rika isn’t the same person. A very strong difference when it comes to the club being created. Before it existed to keep Satoko from her abusive home, but this time it is being used to integrate Rika into the class. If Rika decides to stick around she could change opinions about her and slowly make friends. That incident with Satoko might slow the formation of bonds though.

What a revelation from Rika’s mother. Following what she was saying if the first born of a generation after the previous Oyashiro-sama has died is a girl, that girl becomes the next reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama. So Rika was mistaken for the reincarnation when her mother was supposed to be it. Rika didn’t even get much time to absorb this information before getting hit with the fragment business.

In the end I wonder what Rika will decide? She managed to dodge the issues with the doctor by using her solid ability to lie. It’s not like she expected him to believe everything she said anyways. In the end it is just nice to let things out and talk about them to someone. If Rika wants she can ignore the fragment business and enjoy life in that world. But at the same time she fought desperately for a very long time for that other world. I can’t imagine she would give up on it so easily. In the end it comes down to comparing life with her family to life with her friends. Neither world is a wrong choice it just comes down to what Rika wants the most and what steps she is willing to take. I mean will she kill her mother who hasn’t done anything wrong? It is all on Rika’s shoulders this time. There is no Takano to force her to act here. Only Rika’s will can decide how things will occur.

I’m a little curious about how Hanyuu will settle things. Rika did die in that other world after all. Is she planning on sending her back before the accident or something? From the conversation between Rika and Hanyuu it seems like they would just be going back to that specific world.

Anyways I can’t wait for the next part of the OVA. It’s pretty tough to just wait for the next part when it is months away.

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