Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood – 08

Ed and Al must fight for their lives against the guards of the supposedly shut down lab.


This was an episode of fights, but also questions. Al really had to deal with the mental attacks by Barry. The mass murderer really made him doubt his own origins. Of course it doesn’t matter to Barry whether Al was human or not. But it did help to throw Al off and create openings to attack. Those are important when your opponent can’t be killed without destroying the blood seal. Definitely a tough thing when the only way to test is to possibly kill yourself. The words from Ed earlier really stuck his mind. Of course Ed mentioned something he was afraid to ask Al not something he was afraid to tell him. Whatever it is that Ed wanted to say it wasn’t that Al was just made up.

That arm of Ed really picked a bad time to break down. Though really any time that wasn’t outside of the fight was a bad time. It is lucky for Ed that he is apparently needed alive for now. Lucky for Ed that Winry will be heading into the city to help him out with that. There is just a lot going on that is outside of Ed’s control right now. The only information they have regarding the philosopher stone isn’t something they can use. Now they know that there is something big going on, but with the burning of the lab that information is lost.

Overall I thought the fights for the two brothers were pretty good. Ed was being pushed so he couldn’t transmute much. It didn’t help that his arm was having problems so he didn’t want to push it. Still can’t underestimate the brother combo that surprised Ed. They managed to make it close and it could have gone the other way without some quick thinking. Using Scar’s kind of move certainly wasn’t something that Ed wanted to do, but in the end to survive it was something he had to do.

Next episode looks to be more of recovery and development between the brothers. The childhood friend Winry will have to help the two of them out to the best of her ability.

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